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Metroid Dread: Cataris Collectibles | How to find all energy and missile tanks

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The second major area of Terror Metroid is Cataris, a faulty geothermal power plant overflowing with deadly lava. Samus must navigate the area carefully, finding a switch to divert the flow of energy to new areas. For your first game, you’ll have some useful light tubes to gently suggest where to go next on the map, but that luxury disappears as you dig deeper into this planet. A fan-favorite boss makes a stunning comeback in Cataris – and it’s not even the only boss you’ll fight. To fully explore, you’ll need to get the Gravity costume, so don’t bother returning for 100% completion before the final boss. This basically applies to all areas.

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All Cataris Collectible Locations | 100% Completion Guide

There are 5 different types of collectibles in Metroid Dread: Missile Tanks, Missile Tanks +, Electric Bomb Tanks, Energy Tanks, and Energy Coins. Some items can only be picked up later in the game. This guide assumes that you are looking for collectibles after completing the main story, unless the collectibles are directly in your path while playing the game. main story.

Energy Part: Cataris – In the long corridor above the save station at the top right, after lowering the lava, you can access by jumping on the wall. He can be found on the left after lowering the Spider Magnet platform.

Energy tank: Cataris – After using the third heat flow switch, you will lower lava in a large room at the top right of the map. Go back and hang on to the spider magnet wall in the well to lower a platform, making this energy reservoir accessible from the heat flow switch that Samus used much earlier in the level.

Missile tank: Cataris – At the left center exit of the EMMI zone. Requires Morph Ball.

Missile + Tank: Cataris – Before the boss. Just outside the boss save station, find this +10 tank in the vents.

Missile tank: Cataris – Above the purple teleporter after the Kraid boss room. Directly above – it looks like you need to enter the lava, but you can use the scattering beam to open a path directly to the reservoir.

Missile tank: Cataris – Upon leaving Artaria and returning with the Gravity Suit, you will need to use the Diffusion Beam to pierce a wall to progress. The missile tank is on the other side. You can not miss it.

Missile tank: Cataris – Above the blue teleportal, you will need the Varia suit, Space Jump and a Power Bomb to reach the upper room. Jump to the top of the room and bomb the alcove to descend and retrieve this tank.

Missile tank: Cataris – In the same large well room, pierce the wall of the beam block on the left. This passage leads to a secret room. At the bottom of the room with the lava stone monsters, push the wide beam crate, then go down and reveal the hidden object on the left.

Missile tank: Cataris – In the passages just above the Artaria lift. Go up (through the right door from the elevator), then go up and go right to reach this tank.

Power bomb tank: Cataris – At the top right of the map, head to the large well with two Spider Magnet walls going up and down. In this room, go to the top right and use the Grapple Beam door. In the room in front, use a powerful bomb and missiles to smash the block and hang from the ceiling of the spider magnet to lower it.

Missile tank: Cataris – In the large room connected to the exit of the Dairon tramway, there are speed blocks on the ceiling at the top right. To get there, take the Tram Dairon and turn right. Slide through the 1×1 beam block, immediately Space Jump, then Shinespark through space. It’s tough, but it’s possible to keep Speed ​​Booster and Shinespark after sliding and jumping. Once you have Shinespark, go up to the Speed ​​Blocks and crash.

Power bomb tank: Cataris – In the middle of the EMMI area, take the safe station door on the left and reach the series of vents. There is a Power Bomb block leading to a tricky challenge. In the area above the vents, Speed ​​Booster then slides through the 1×1 opening and Shine Spark. Then go down to the Power Bomb Tank and Shinespark (as a Morph Ball) on the right.

Missile tank: Cataris – Go to the Save Station (on the far right, near the Energy Charging Station), there is a Morph Ball passage that leads to a hidden room with a Spider Magnet ceiling.

Missile tank: Cataris – From the purple teleportal, go right into the cave, then go up and enter the extreme heat room. In this room, in the upper right corner, there is a red pustule that you can film with the Wave Beam / Diffusion Beam.

Missile tank: Cataris – In the extreme heat room, above the network station at the bottom right.

Missile tank: Cataris – Above the Experiment Z-57 boss arena, there are two thermal traps. On the top hatch, there is a passage that you can break with the Screwattack leading to the tank.

Energy Part: Cataris – From the purple teleportal, go down level to find beam blocks that you can cross that lead to a lava passage. Use powerful bombs (and the gravity suit) to reach an area with speed blocks. Use Speed ​​Booster to explode the blocks and use Shinespark to launch into the energy part.

Missile tank: Cataris – From the purple teleportal, go left and smash the red pustule to reveal a 1 × 1 path in a room with lava. Go through the 1 × 1 tunnel and bomb the end.

Power bomb tank: Cataris – Return to the Kraid boss arena with the Gravity Suit and Power Bomb. Go through the lava at the bottom and roll through the vents. At the top, use Grapple Beam to remove the Grapple Beam block.

The missile tank is in the lower right corner of this room.

Missile tank: Cataris – From the red teleportal, enter the extreme heat room (with the orange teleportal) at the top right. With the Gravity Suit, use Speed ​​Booster to smash the wall in the lower right corner. Shoot through the beam blocks, use Speed ​​Booster, and slide under the bottom wall – you can keep your Speed ​​Boost charge even after sliding.

Missile tank: Cataris – Climb into the alcove above the Orange teleportal. You can reach it with Space Jump.

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