December 8, 2022
  • December 8, 2022

natural gas power plant project for eastern Virginia is abandoned | Virginia News

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CHARLES CITY, Va. (AP) — A natural gas-fired power plant project in eastern Virginia has been shelved, a month after plans for a five-county pipeline to power it were put on hold in the aftermath of a regulatory decision and amid opposition from residents and environmental groups.

Chickahominy Power LLC announced that the plant project development effort in Charles City County “has been halted”, with plans to move the project to Ohio, West Virginia or both.

The power plant would have burned natural gas delivered through a proposed 83-mile (134-kilometer) pipeline through Louisa, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent and Charles City counties to generate electricity, media reported. The electric power would have been sold on a multi-state wholesale market.

Chickahominy Power’s statement, released Thursday, said “Opposition from outside interests and regulations, widely advanced by the renewable energy industry and the state legislators who supported them, have made it impossible to deliver natural gas.” natural on the site”.

Chickahominy Power and Chickahominy Pipeline, the pipeline developer, are subsidiaries of energy company Balico LLC, based in northern Virginia.

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Chickahominy Pipeline suspended the pipeline last month after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission upheld regional transportation organization PJM’s decision to remove the plant from its permit queue for failing to comply completion steps.

Wanda Roberts of Concerned Citizens of Charles City County, who opposed the operation, said the news was “like a hundred pound weight dropped off our shoulders”. Local residents and environmental groups were concerned about the negative effects on the environment, particularly the pollutants created when burning natural gas.

The pipeline and plant were “completely unnecessary and totally undesirable from the start. We celebrate years of effort by grassroots activists in Charles City County and across the state to achieve this momentous victory,” Food & Water Watch Southern Region Director Jorge Aguilar said in a press release. .

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