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Northwestern returns home for game opener against Hastings | North West

By on September 4, 2021 0

Despite those losses, the Raiders’ offense seemed to work very well in the first week.

Fryar averaged 17.5 yards per completion last week against the Saints, while throwing touchdowns to senior wide receiver Cade Moser and junior wide receiver Michael Storey.

“It definitely changes things up a bit, but not too much in our opinion,” Fryar said. “We always manage the same thing. Canon Flores is another guy who is good, he replaces Shane. He was calm last week, but he’s a fifth year senior, a leader in our team and a guy who can do it. “

“I’m definitely going to look to him, and I know we’re going to make some big plays as the season goes on.”

This week’s opponent is a bit of a stranger to the Raiders, as Hastings kicks off his first game of the season with a brand new head coach and defensive coordinator, in Matt Franzen and Kyle Suttles.

The last time these teams met, on November 7, 2020, Northwestern beat the Mustangs by a score of 62-10.

“They are returning a very good experience from last season and they have very good playmakers on both sides of the ball,” said McCarty. “They have a lot of experience in our league and a new coach so we expect them to be excited and hungry to play. We expect them to do so. Knowing Coach Franzen, his teams are still performing very well.

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