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Obsolete equipment, a major problem affecting the transmission and distribution of electricity – Minister

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Energy Minister Abubakar Aliyu said outdated and weak equipment is the main problem affecting the transmission and distribution of electricity in the country.

Aliyu told the House of Representatives on Thursday that the drawdown on the N160 billion bilateral loans guaranteed for energy projects across Nigeria has been postponed until 2022.

The House Energy Committee denounced the poor performance of the 176.721 billion naira earmarked for investment projects in the sector, of which only 43.240 billion naira had been released so far, while 32.518 billion naira had been released. been spent.

Responding to questions from lawmakers on the hostilities between the Transmission Company of Nigeria, generation and distribution companies, the Minister said: “The electricity sector is largely privatized. Some responsibilities are outsourced.

“Our partners are at the production and distribution levels, and the government takes care of the transmission. And for it to work effectively, they all need to be up and running. As it stands, we have serious challenges here and there along this value chain.

“Apart from the three main players, we have an interface, because generators need fuel, either from a natural source, which is hydroelectricity, which contributes about 20% of production, or gas to supply their power stations. So that’s another challenge. And you know how much gas is present on the international market.

Aliyu added, “Another interface is also between generation and transmission, then transmission to distribution. Now the installed generation capacity, as you all know, reaches 13,000 megawatts. But it has to reach customers before it becomes useful.

“So what’s going on is the transmission, due to lack of attention for a very long time – not now, has resulted in the situation that we have on the transmission, where they have to deal with obsolete and weak equipment, which needs to be replaced. Some that are replaced need reinforcement in case there is a problem that can be fixed immediately. ”

According to the minister, the distribution network is also facing the same problem.

“So those two – distribution and transmission – are what we’ve been striving to level up to make sure we’re elevating their operational capabilities to a level where we can drain what we have in the generation. There are various interventions underway, ”he said.

Aliyu said a total sum of N301.258 billion has been proposed for the ministry and parastatals in the power sector for fiscal year 2022, adding that mechanisms have been put in place to ensure implementation. effective budget 2022.

He said a national program had been launched to provide alternative power supply to strategic federal government buildings and military formations, using renewable energies, in particular solar photovoltaic power.

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