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  • November 23, 2022

Overwatch League talents on playoffs, black horses and mighty dragons

By on September 21, 2021 0

Few people know the intricacies of Monitoring League as well as the people who get paid to analyze it every day. Ahead of the 2021 playoffs, which start on September 21 and culminate with a Grand Final showdown on September 25, we felt that no group of people were more equipped to offer playoff information than the talent team. of the league.

Instead of a physical roundtable, Dot Esports contacted various members of the Monitoring League talent for hot shots and icy reality checks on the playoffs.

Which two teams do you expect to see in the Grand Final?

“Based on how the whole season has gone, I want to say something other than Dallas Fuel and Shanghai Dragons, it sounds like the kid in love with copium and recency bias,” said Watchpoint host Soe Gschwind.

His fellow analysts, Scott “Custa” Kennedy and Danny Lim, agreed with his assessment. “A lot of people think they’re not that strong because of the poor performance in the Countdown Cup,” Custa said. “But I still think both lists – when it matters most – will live up to the occasion.”

Caster Kevin “AVRL” Walker, one of the Monitoring Resident specialists in the Eastern League region believe in a Shanghai Dragons and Chengdu Hunters final. “The playoffs are ready for another [Wrecking Ball] the dive dominated meta and these two are clearly the first to play in this meta ”, said AVRL.

Other talented members jumped on the Los Angeles Gladiators’ hype after the team won the Countdown Cup. Analyst Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson and castor Matt “Mr. X” Morello said they expected a Gladiators showdown with Shanghai.

Which player are you most excited to see in the playoffs and why?

If Shanghai Dragons DPS Lee “LIP” Jae-won had a cheering section, Custa and Reinforce would likely live there for the playoffs. “He’s had a fantastic season and has been a real difference maker for Shanghai every step of the way,” said Reinforce. Custa agreed and noted that the DPS is “generally an underrated superstar for this dominant roster and has had countless MVP performances.”

Atlanta’s clutch DPS Reign Oh “Pelican” Se-hyun, who will be driving to the West Coast to play in the playoffs, was AVRL’s choice. Mr. X is delighted to see Washington Justice’s favorite character wearing Jang “Decay” Gui-un, whom he calls “a beast” and a “joy to watch”.

As a tank expert himself, Lim is delighted to see Lee “Fearless” Eui-seok fly to Dallas Fuel. “Main tank Danny loves Fearless Winston,” he said. “I am always amazed by his mechanical skills and his sense of the game in general. Because Fuel has had a longer hiatus than some of the playoff teams, I can’t wait to see what Fuel (and Fearless) has in store for us.

Which team could be the dark horse, upsetting everyone’s predictions?

Urging San Francisco Shock fans to pull their hair out across the country, Mr X has said the double champions are his choice as the dark horse contender. “Even though they haven’t played in tournaments this year, they’ve had a great regular season and they know what it takes to go the distance,” he said.

AVRL and Reinforce have chosen Washington Justice, a team that destroyed fan predictions in 2020 and could start over.

“Justice has a lot of versatility that they can still rely on for the playoffs and it would be in their best interests to do so,” AVRL said. “The cap for this team is really pretty high and that will always be a danger for any team they face.”

Reinforce agrees: “If they improve on their line-up choices and only play 10% better, they could be a real threat in the playoffs. ”

Overall, the Philadelphia Fusion was the most common answer. Lim, Custa, and Reinforce apparently used their Watchpoint desktop brainwave synchronizer to line up their responses.

“I believe [the Fusion is] definitely a team that shouldn’t be overlooked, ”said Lim.

“They’ve had a pretty poor season, but now that all of their players – sorry, Poko – are available to them, they might reach a level that we haven’t seen,” Custa said.

Gschwind, still a fan of chaos, simply returned “Chengdu” in all capitals as an answer. We respect the commitment to the Chengdu area.

What percentage of chances would you give to a three-round victory of the San Francisco Shock?

Hardcore Shock fans are likely placing their bets 100% for a miraculous victory in 2021, giving the team a three-year winning streak. However, our talented members interviewed are much more realistic.

Gschwind has the most confidence in the Shock, giving him a 49.9% chance of securing another victory. AVRL said 33.3% and Lim went further, saying he would give 33.333% for the triple peat. “The shock wasn’t that dominant in the regular season, but they were still one of the best teams in the West,” Lim said. “Plus, it’s the San Francisco Shock, two back-to-back champions who have the ability to stand out when it matters most.”

Reinforce, Custa, and Mr. X all gave the Shock a 10% chance of winning the trophy.

“They should play the best Monitoring they played all season and then add another level to that, to match the playoff powers, ”Reinforce said. “It would be Shock magic, the real shit of Michael Jordan, if they came out on top. But again, that’s why we love them, isn’t it? ”

What animal mascot in the Monitoring Would the League win in a fight?

Considering that four of the eight remaining playoff teams have animal mascots, and this question tragically went unresolved on the Watchpoint desktop, we decided this would be a hugely important addition to our Talent Roundtable.

As the office’s resident Atlanta Reign fan, Gschwind was ready to show off her favorite bird. “The Phoenix of Atlanta Reign [is] practically invulnerable, immortal, can resurrect, [has] tears that heal, superhuman strength, can fly, pyrokinesia, ”she said, noting that pandas and dragons should be afraid.

Custa agreed, but not for the same reasons. “Atlanta’s Phoenix Reign would win because he can never really die,” he said. “Just like when they play Gator [on] Orisa, with Ir1s ​​lamps, he never really dies.

Reinforce dodged the question, but believes in the power of friendship. “I think the idea of ​​fighting animal mascots is silly. I much prefer the crude name of Philadelphia, ”he said. “With the power of Fusion, we would all come out together and stronger on the other end as friends, bonded.”

While Lim mentioned the power of the Seoul Dynasty roaring tigers, both AVRL and Mr. X are betting on dragons.

“If we’re talking about a dragon from mythology, these things have pretty savage power and are always described as flying superweapons in fantasy,” AVRL said. “Plus, the Shanghai Dragons are set to win this season, so they’ve really achieved mythological status in their power level.”

“I should say the dragons, right?” I mean, have you seen Game Of Thrones? “said Mr. X, justifying his choice with hard data.” I saw what the dragons are doing and the rest of them have nothing about it. ”

The Monitoring The league playoffs begin at 6:00 p.m. CT on September 21.