November 23, 2022
  • November 23, 2022

Prepare for the biggest changes in Endwalker

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Square Enix just announced its biggest plans for the Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion, detailing the new jobs and how the old ones will change. The series of big reveals took place during the usual Eorzea pre-expansion live letter stream, where director and producer Naoki Yoshida and global community producer Toshio Murouchi spoke for nearly seven hours.

The Final Fantasy 14 community has also come together to remember a special figure, voice actor Stephen Critchlow, who recently passed away at the age of 54. Critchlow delivered a performance that was appreciated by players who completed the Heavensward expansion, and the news of his death forced the community to come together. Ishgard.

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stephen critchlow

Fans rally in honor of Stephen Critchlow

Stephen Critchlow, the voice behind Earl Edmont De Fortemps, has died at the age of 54. Critchlow’s legacy spanned a multitude of different mediums including theater, radio, audio dramas, film, television, and video games. He was famous for his roles in Doctor Who, The Archers and Torchwood and even held roles in other RPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Dragon Quest Heroes.

Critchlow’s role as the kind and gentle Earl in Heavensward stands out as one of the expansion’s most memorable performances, as evidenced by the outpouring of love from the community following his passing. Players have gathered in global data centers to stand outside his character’s house in Ishgard, hosting vigils with the Wanderer’s Campfire item.

Endwalker details new job changes

Before each expansion, Yoshida and the team at Final Fantasy 14 explain how the content of the upcoming battle will change. This year we’ll have two new jobs – Reaper and Sage – and other classes will see adjustments to old kits as well as level 80+ abilities. The latest Live Letter detailed some of these job changes with a trailer, setting clear expectations for one couple but keeping things vague for others.

The new DPS Reaper and the Sage Barrier Healer got a quick look at their tooltips – the descriptions that actually reveal how their abilities will work. A few other classes shared highs as well, but Yoshida took a bit more of a look at the jobs that change the most, like Monk or Summoner. It’s a bit like Christmas for Final Fantasy 14 players, but like every year, some people are quite upset with some changes while celebrating others.

FFXIV reaction

Delayed data center move

Final Fantasy 14 saw its biggest surge in popularity to date, and the server’s woes attest to that. The MMO is struggling to cope with increased demand on its infrastructure, and Yoshida has been transparent about the difficulties in meeting player needs. Due to the pressure and hurdles posed to upgrade server hardware during the pandemic, the Final Fantasy 14 development team has confirmed that it will not be able to implement the travel system between data centers in time for Endwalker. The ability to visit friends on other datacenters will instead arrive after version 6.0.

Éorzéa’s product line is growing

The Live Letter didn’t just enchant with new in-game goodies. In the stream, Yoshida showed off merchandise arriving at the Square Enix MMO store, and you can pre-order most of them now. There’s a lot of cool stuff for your collection, but there’s also some weird stuff, like a Fat Cat back scratcher and a $ 1,000 Y’shtola doll.

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