October 1, 2022
  • October 1, 2022

Quinta Brunson on drugstore skincare and beauty products

By on August 2, 2022 0

Image source: Courtesy of Olay

Along with producing the Emmy-nominated sitcom “Abbott Elementary” and writing the bestselling “She Memes Well,” actress Quinta Brunson can now add “beauty ambassador” to her long list of accomplishments. The star recently announced her partnership with skincare brand Olay, and for her, the collaboration makes sense. “Olay is such an iconic brand that’s been in my bathroom since I was little,” Brunson told POPSUGAR. “My mom used it, and I remember it was always a staple, something she always made sure she had in the bathroom, no matter what other product she tried. .”

Brunson joins celebrities like Busy Phillips and Carrie Underwood with her new role, and she brings with her an air of authenticity that’s often at the heart of everything she does. First example? How she portrays the character of Janine Teagues on her hit TV show, “Abbott Elementary.”

“Janine often subtly tries [new beauty experiments]”, says Brunson. “She’s not as comfortable changing her hair as Ava, for example, but she’s going to pin a piece today and think she’s really done something major. I feel like that myself. I’m not a girl who wears a ton of makeup, so when I do a little thing, people are shocked. But that’s why it’s important for me to [work with] a brand like Olay so that my skin is beautiful despite everything.”

Quinta’s love for skincare also stems from an experience that seems universal at this point: falling into the social media hype buying every new beauty product that’s launched. “I got swept up in this big bang of trying stuff,” says Brunson. “In the end, I was so overwhelmed and ended up throwing a lot.” That experience, Brunson says, got him back to his roots — scouring the drugstore for products that definitely work, without the high price tag.

While there are a few beauty treatments that Brunson has slowly incorporated into her routine (some of which include lymphatic drainage massages and LED light therapy wands, she says), this partnership still holds a special place in her heart. because he introduced her to what she calls a “simplifying” nighttime routine. “My favorite Olay products right now would be the entire Retinol24 + Peptide Night collection,” says Brunson. “I like having a more laid-back routine, but my problem with creating a routine was that I was doing a lot of trial and error. The products would react negatively with each other and end up irritating my skin.” This line, which includes Olay’s Retinol24 formula, “works well together and actually works for me and my skin,” she says.

The inaugural collection of the partnership includes Retinol24 Max Night Eye Cream ($35), Retinol24 Max Night Face Moisturizer ($35) and Retinol24 Max Night Serum ($35) all of which are available in stores now at Olay.com.