December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

RaceFans Round-up: Gasly among “the best Formula 1 drivers today”

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Contents: Franz Tost, director of the AlphaTauri team, praised driver Pierre Gasly, who finished second in two free practice sessions on the Losail international circuit yesterday.

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In short

Gasly now has a “very high level of knowledge” of all aspects of the car.

After returning to AlphaTauri (formerly Toro Rosso) in mid-2020, Gasly made some big gains, Tost said.

“He has continuously improved his performance year after year,” he explained. “You can hear him in the debriefings when he talks about the car, the technical aspect.

“He now has the experience. It is important that the driver understands, especially nowadays with these complicated cars and with the powertrain, so that everything is optimized. He has now reached a very high level of knowledge regarding the aerodynamic side, the mechanical side, but also the powertrain side.

“He makes a lot of changes in the cockpit on his side to optimize performance. For me, Pierre is one of the best Formula 1 drivers today.

Ricciardo power unit failure due to cracked pipe

No problems for Ricciardo’s powertrain after Brazil, McLaren says

Daniel Ricciardo’s retirement from the Sao Paulo Grand Prix was caused by a cracked pipe in the chassis portion of the powertrain housing of his McLaren, and not a crack in the chassis itself, said Andreas Seidl.

“We found a cracked pipe on the chassis side of the powertrain installation, so we didn’t find a crack on the monocoque,” ​​Seidl explained.

He said McLaren “fixed” the problem and Ricciardo’s powertrain was not damaged.

McLaren Solves Sidewalk Damage Overnight

Lando Norris sustained damage to his car on the curb out of Turn 14 during the first and second practice, which McLaren race director Andrea Stella said the team was dealing with overnight.

“Losail presents some challenges from a car setup perspective,” Stella admitted, “and because some curbs are very aggressive. Some teams have had issues with these, including us, and we’ll try to fix this overnight.

Mazepin says he was not gone when the car was damaged

Nikita Mazepin was unable to take part in the second practice because Haas was forced to change the chassis of his car following damage to his first test during the first tests.

Mazepin, who is one of two drivers with previous Losail track experience, said: “I felt something approach very close to the bottom of my car. It’s frustrating because I didn’t leave the circuit and I was within track limits when it happened.

“So I think those curbs just aren’t very nice for all cars, but they actually hit my car at the wrong angle and that makes for a very careful race and all sessions from now on.”

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Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mark Young and Drew!

On this day in motorsport

  • That day in 1981, Riccardo Patrese signed with world champions Nelson Piquet at Brabham, on his first of two stays for the team.


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