August 11, 2022
  • August 11, 2022

Ram Setu not wrong: Minister of Heavy Industries

By on December 26, 2021 0

Union Heavy Industries Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey said on Sunday that Ram Setu was not fake, it was the proper work of the engineers of that time. He lamented that it is unfortunate that some people question this logic and refuse to accept. He was addressing the 36th Indian Congress of Engineering and Centenary celebrations organized by the Institution of Engineers (India).

Speaking at the 36th Indian Congress of Engineering – Centenary celebrations hosted by the Institution of Engineers (India), an organization of India’s top engineers, the minister said this has been confirmed by the engineering umbrella organization them themselves. “Some people submit affidavits to the court to prove that Ram Setu did not exist, while Ram Setu has been around since ancient times,” Pandey said, adding that engineers also played an important role in building the old one. town of Dwarka.

The theme of the convention is “Engineers for Sustainable Technology and a $ 5,000 Billion Economy,” with the participation of engineers from across the country. The event will end on December 28, 2021. Chief Engineer of the Indian Army Lt. Gen. Harpal Singh has been awarded the “Eminent Engineering Person Award” by the Institution of Engineers (India) for his contributions in the field of engineering in the Defense Organization of Forces and Border Routes on occasion.

“Indian engineers have a very proud history. Glad the engineers proudly talk about their ancient culture and history. Otherwise, previous people were even reluctant to talk about their story, ”he said.

Pandey added that engineers played an important role in the corona period. “Amidst all the difficulties, thanks to the efforts of engineers, the country has now reached the second place in the world in the export of PPE kits. Whereas earlier PPE kits were imported. Likewise, there was an oxygen crisis in the second wave of Corona, the situation was managed in 9 to 10 days thanks to the hard work of the engineers, ”he added.

Calling on the engineers, the minister asked them to work for the self-sufficiency of the country. He said turning the country into a five trillion dollar economy is not just a dream, it is a determined thought that everyone must achieve.

Speaking on the occasion, Lt. Gen. Harpal Singh said the environment and ecosystem for engineers to perform and excel right now could not have been better as we strive to be a savings of $ 5,000 billion. “All sectors of infrastructure, whether it be highways, railways, digital, aviation, gas-fired electricity transmission and renewable energies, are at the center of attention. of PM under a unified vision. Robust infrastructure is the foundation for economic growth. Engineers have a crucial role in the success of this initiative, ”he said.

On this occasion, the president of the Institution of Engineers (India) Narendra Singh declared that the history of engineers is very old. Engineers have contributed to the glorious ancient history of India, from Ramayana, Mahabharata to Harappan culture and Mohenjodaro.