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Razer Focuses on the Desktop with Professional Gear for Productivity – Pickr

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After making high-end gaming keyboards for so long, Razer plans to have more keyboards in the office, without bright, flashy colors.

If it seems like gamers are getting the best selection of keyboards and mice, it’s because they do. They’re bright and colorful, but more importantly, they often come with mechanical switches, the kind you used to find in workhorse productivity keyboards years ago, letting you feel and feel. to hear every press when he clicks down, and making it harder to lose hits.

Not losing keystrokes is important in the game, where a wrong keystroke can mean doing the wrong thing, but it is also an important factor in the job, because no one likes to type the wrong thing over and over again and a keyboard spoils it for you.

It’s no wonder that keyboards in the gaming world are gradually moving into the world of productivity, as mechanical keyboards come back from the dead in the office, alongside other elements.

That’s what Razer is doing with a line of “pro” gear, bringing the Pro Type Ultra Wireless Keyboard, Pro Click Mini Wireless Mouse, and Pro Glide XXL Mouse Pad, peripherals that come with the word “ pro ”in rehearsal, and are essentially the workplace equivalents of play equipment.

It should be noted that this is not Razer’s first attempt at pro-grade styles of gaming gear, having tried the idea at least once before, but there is more than one. simple keyboard in the latest batch, with usability improvements across the range.

In the Pro Type Ultra, Razer uses silent mechanical switches that can support up to 80 million keys, with a wrist rest and support for both Bluetooth and Razer’s USB-connected HyperSpeed ​​Wireless. .

There’s around 200 hours of battery life, with white LED-backlit keys, distinct from the colors that regular mechanical gaming keyboards often have, though you will also find programmable keys like these gaming keyboards. At $ 279.99 in Australia, the Pro Type Ultra sits on the high end of keyboards considering what’s inside, with the mouse closer to halfway.

In comparison, the Razer Pro Click Mini looks rather small, offering a compact mouse design with mechanical mouse switches, 7 programmable buttons, and battery life of between 465 and 700 hours depending on how you use it. use. It will be powered by regular AA batteries, however, making it easy to turn on if you run out of it. In Australia, the Pro Click Mini will be priced at $ 139 and can be paired with Razer’s Pro Glide XXL mat, which is designed to sit under a keyboard and mouse for $ 52 locally.