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Real heroes save Ornery puppy who fell in 40ft mine shaft

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The dog might be man’s best friend, but a Virginia puppy might regard some men as heroes. In a heartwarming story that has gone viral, a dog named Dusty has found himself in an unfortunate situation deep in the mountains where time is running out. Fortunately, help was on the way.

It all started when Dusty’s owners realized their beloved dog was missing. 24 hours came and went before they set out to find him. Eventually, they found her – at the bottom of an estimated 40-foot mine shaft in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It’s roughly the equivalent of a four story drop.

According to the Blue Ridge Mountains travel guide, the mountains stretch over “34,000 square miles of magnificent mountainous terrain filled with towering peaks, meandering rivers, lush forests, sparkling lakes and waterfalls.” While beautiful to watch, Dusty’s particular location was in a remote area on already rocky terrain and the fall could have injured her. It was a delicate job that required extra care in case the rescue caused further damage.

“Getting the equipment into the area has been tough,” Wintergreen deputy chief Mike Riddle told Daily Paws of the two-hour rescue. “Some local passers-by helped us set up our equipment with a UTV. Once there, we were able to set up a tripod with a safety harness and a transport line. We lowered a rescuer into the mine shaft, where he was able to secure the dog, and we hoisted them both. “

A shaken and frightened Dusty rose to the surface where responders examined her for injuries. Miraculously, Dusty looked unharmed (aside from the slight embarrassment of so much commotion). Her owners made sure to take her to the vet to confirm that she hadn’t broken or sprained anything after such a long fall. Overall, things could have been a lot worse.

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The inspiring story gained traction after news of the event broke, making the four first responders heroes for Dusty’s family and all of Nelson County. Many took to the comments from the original Facebook post to praise their hard work, thanking them for getting Dusty to safety so quickly. Hopefully the irritable puppy will avoid mine shafts in the future, but if he doesn’t, his owners will know who to rely on.

We reached out to Wintergreen Fire & Rescue for an update on Dusty, but had no response at the time of this article. We will keep you posted.