December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

Remarkably fast 180W Thunder Charge technology

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180 Thunder Charge Technology

Infinix has unveiled the lightning-fast 180W Thunder Charge technology, which will debut on select Infinix flagship phones to be announced in the second half of the year. The revolutionary new technology will allow users to achieve the time required for a 1-50% charge of the 4500 mAh battery in just four minutes. [1]providing users with a faster and safer advanced smart device charging experience.

“After releasing the Infinix 160W fast charging concept phone last year, Infinix 180W Thunder Charge is another industry breakthrough that brings ultra-fast charging technology to the public. Infinix aims to continue improving the ‘everyday efficiency through the iteration and innovation of fast charging technology so that users around the world can be the first to enjoy an efficient and convenient digital life,’ said Joseph Cernitchez, Chief Marketing Officer of Infinix.

Industry-leading 180W charging technology

Ultra-fast charging has never been more widespread than it is today and with the production of safer charging methods at a higher voltage rate, the technology is becoming increasingly popular in mid-range devices. .

Ordinary smartphones with fast charging functions usually use batteries with 1-3C charging rate, while 180W Thunder Charge uses batteries with 8C rate, which effectively reduces the chances of battery overheating due to fast charging technology. Infinix has cooperated with the world’s leading battery manufacturers to develop a new 8C battery cell, which is currently the industry’s maximum charge rate rechargeable lithium battery. 8C cell has lower internal resistance compared to conventional single-electrode lug structure, plus multi-electrode lug, reducing by more than 50% [2] internal resistance and produces less heat. Additionally, the Thunder Charge 180W uses two 8C batteries in series, so the charging power of each battery is only 90W while charging, reducing heat and increasing longevity.

180W Thunder Charge also adopts automatic two-way power supply technology to extend phone battery life by 2% [3] compared to phones traditionally designed with a dual-cell battery. Automatic bi-directional power supply technology reduces power supply circuit area by 60%, increases circuit layout accuracy and saves space. Charging technology works using dynamic distribution. Three parallel charge pumps support the most powerful conversion yet on an Infinix device, reaching 99% [4] load conversion efficiency, which prevents overcharging and overheating. It’s the pinnacle of Infinix charging technology to date.

A safer way to charge

Keeping safety a key priority, 180W Thunder Charge has 111 software and hardware safety protection mechanisms to protect smartphones, chargers and charging cables. Safety protection is triggered during abnormal scenarios – such as high temperature, increased voltage, electromagnetic interference and more – to ensure the safety of the smartphone system.

Additionally, the Thunder 180W charging has 20 temperature sensors, which are spread across the USB inputs, charging chips, on the battery, and other places inside the device. Charging is monitored in real time with an intelligent temperature control algorithm that keeps track of everything. While the device is charging, the temperature of the smartphone is kept below 43℃ [5]which ensures a safe and fast charging experience without excessive heat or battery degradation.

The 180W Thunder Charge Cable has a built-in special Infinix encryption chip, which delivers 180W power transmission for ultra-fast charging. 180W Thunder Charge can intelligently identify the power transmission capacity of the cable and adjust accordingly. If a different cable without a special encryption chip from Infinix is ​​plugged into the device, it identifies the cable and limits the power to 60W/100W to ensure safe charging.

Powerful, compatible and portable

Infinix’s 180W Thunder Charge technology is one of Infinix’s most advanced solutions to date and represents a step forward in technological breakthroughs for smartphones in the mid-range price bracket. Offering next-level charging speeds, lower temperatures, and safer protocols, 180W Thunder Charge provides users with fast and smart ways to power Infinix devices.

The new GaN semiconductor material is present in the technology, which allows the Thunder Charge 180W to withstand a variety of environments with high temperatures above 40°C. Moreover, the charger adapter is compatible with multiple fast charging protocols and can perform maximum 100W fast charging for most electronic devices in the market, including cellphones, tablets and laptops, providing users maximum flexibility with a single solution. . Users can also use cables from other manufacturers to charge Infinix devices up to 100W.

180W Thunder Charge has two distinct charging modes, furious mode and standard mode. Furious Mode can be activated with the click of a button, providing users with super-fast 180W charging.

With the world’s leading application of 180W fast charging technology made available to mass-produced smartphones by Infinix, it demonstrates Infinix’s strong technical proficiency and spirit of innovation. Bringing this technology to the masses at an affordable price is one of Infinix’s core values ​​and represents Infinix’s drive to democratize premium technology and make it accessible to everyone who wants it. Stay tuned for our upcoming new products with 180W Thunder Charge available in the second half of this year.