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Russia says Ukrainian Armed Forces are planning ‘false flag operation’ near Sloviansk

By on August 7, 2022 0

Amid the ruthless war in Eastern Europe, the head of Russia’s National Defense Management Center Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev said on Saturday that Ukraine’s armed forces are preparing a new “false flag operation” in outside Slavyansk, in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). ) which will result in civilian casualties in order to blame Russian troops for indiscriminate attacks. According to the Tass report, Mizintsev noted: “It is reliably known that the Ukrainian Armed Forces Command, through the 72nd Psychological Information and Operation Center, is organizing another large-scale provocation involving deaths among civilians following alleged indiscriminate strikes. by the Russian armed forces.

Indicating it, Mizintsev, who heads Russia’s joint coordination headquarters for the humanitarian response in Ukraine, said mortar teams have been positioned outside Slaviansk, DPR, in preparation for its implementation, which is to bomb sites where locals and refugees live (Geologicheskaya Street) on August 7, when humanitarian aid would be distributed.

According to the Tass report, the general claimed that foreign journalists had arrived in the city with the intention of filming and taking pictures of alleged civilian deaths by Russians in order to publicize them in Ukrainian and Western media.

Mizintsev said: “We warn the world community and international organizations in advance of the cynical provocation prepared by the Ukrainian authorities. He added that civilians would suffer and that the Kyiv administration would likely blame the Russian armed forces for any civilian deaths due to the “well-tested scenario”, Tass reported.

Russia accused Kyiv of using children to portray blast victims

On top of that, earlier in July a senior Russian defense official accused Kyiv of using children to portray victims of blasts in the beleaguered nation. In an interview with Moscow’s TASS news agency, Russian Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev claimed that authorities in Kyiv were paying Ukrainian children to “pretend to be dead” or injured by missile attacks. Furthermore, he said Ukraine was concocting “underhanded” schemes to incite violence and accuse Russia of killing innocent people in Ukraine.

According to Mizintsev, as reported by TASS, “In Odessa, the Kyiv regime is preparing another underhanded provocation in order to accuse the Russian armed forces of murdering civilians (including minors) and deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure with cluster munitions, prohibited by international conventions”.

Without providing concrete evidence, the Russian general went on to say that the government was preparing to give each official $500 so they could build a “crowd scene” in which the paid children would portray Russian bombing victims. Furthermore, he said that UNICEF, an international humanitarian organization, supports Ukraine in its so-called negative propaganda.

Meanwhile, there have been allegations that Russian forces attacked the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in order to cut it off from Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure. According to Energoatom, the Ukrainian company that is in charge of the four nuclear power plants, Moscow is trying to “destroy the infrastructure of the plant and damage the transmission of electricity”.

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