October 1, 2022
  • October 1, 2022

Russian missile targets nuclear power plant site in southern Ukraine

By on September 19, 2022 0

Windows were damaged in buildings located on the territory of the nuclear power plant.

Last night, Russian troops opened fire at the industrial site of the Southern Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). The enemy missile hit the area 300 meters from the reactors.

The relevant statement was made by Energoatom National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine on Telegramreports a correspondent of Ukrinform.

“At 00:20 on September 19, 2022, the Russian military launched a missile attack on the industrial site of the nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine. A powerful explosion occurred just 300 meters from the reactors of the plant nuclear power station in southern Ukraine,” the report said.

According to Energoatom, the buildings of the nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine were damaged by a shock wave and more than 100 windows were smashed. One of the hydroelectric units of the Oleksandrivka hydroelectric power station, which is part of the energy complex of southern Ukraine, was disconnected, along with three high-voltage electricity transmission lines.

Currently, all three power plants of the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant are operating as planned. Fortunately, no employee casualties were reported.

Russia’s nuclear terrorist attacks pose a global threat and must be stopped to avoid another catastrophe, Energoatom stressed.