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Seeing is believing – Australian paintings and panels

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A the picture is worth a thousand words’ couldn’t be truer that when you watch the last video highlighting the speed of MIRKAis brand new LEROS.

When it comes to the ability of the new MIRKA LEROS to reduce sanding labor time, it doesn’t rocket science, it boils down to simple calculations. Using the formula, pI r², to calculate the area of ​​a circle, it is easy to training than the 225 mm head of the LEROS in fact sands more than double the area, at any time, compared to a conventional 150mm orbital sander. VSick here at watch the short video of LEROS in action compared to the MIRKA DEROS 150 mm Electric Random Orbital Sander. Then simply increase those substantial time savings when sanding bigger areas.

Speed up or down

While being specially designed to approach larger surfaces, by LEROS Another “party trick” is that it saves time whether the surface is high or low. Short for “Long Electric Random Orbital Sander”, this enormous 225mm sanding head is mounted on a long ergonomic shank which gives it great reach and even has an optional extension shaft if you need more length. Usually this means that the operator keeps his feet firmly on the ground where they can move quickly and efficiently around the work, avoiding potentially dangerous elevated positions. LEROS is also powerful and torquey. It is driven by a 350W brushless electric motor and has 180 ° flexibility and 5mm random orbital motion which offers a perfect stripe pattern for automotive paint preparation applications. Weighing just 3.5 kg, it is very easy to use and maneuver. Thanks to the double suction points and balanced, ergonomic design, the forces are transferred to the sanding head where the vacuum helps to hold it firmly against the area the operator therefore only has to guide the tool.

At the end of the day, when when sanding a large, relatively flat surface, from a trailer, bus or tram to a boat, train or yacht, using a LEROS is now productivity Standard and this video proves it. If you are still not sure, contact your PPG Territory Manager or the PPG Customer Support Line. at 13 24 24 (Australia) or 0800 320 320 (NZ) to organize a demonstration.

LEROS is available from authorized MIRKA distributors in Australia and New Zealand.