December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

State Approves Battery Storage Project at Astoria Power Plant –

By on June 27, 2022 0

State regulators have given the go-ahead to build a battery depot at the Astoria Generating Station as part of the Luyster Creek Energy Storage Project.

The New York Public Service Commission has approved the necessary permits for Eastern generation develop sufficient battery storage capacity that will provide more than 135 megawatts of energy by 2025 at the same location where the Charles Poletti power station once stood.

Closed in 2011 and then dismantled, the Poletti natural gas and oil plant was considered the city’s worst polluter and one of the main reasons why western Queens, which produces 60% of the electricity of the city, has been nicknamed Asthma Alley, where generations of residents have suffered from the highest rates of respiratory ailments in the city.

Eastern Generation, LLC, a subsidiary of ArchLight Capital Partners, owns power plants that represent more than 18% of New York City’s electrical generating capacity. Energy storage projects are needed to improve the flexibility and reliability of the electrical system as New York City transitions from dispatchable fossil fuel generation to offshore wind and other intermittent renewable resources. The Luyster Creek energy storage projects will help maximize the energy that renewables can provide to the system and reduce reliance on capacity provided by existing fossil fuel generation.

EasternGeneration is a leading private equity firm specializing in energy, infrastructure and energy transition. Founded in 2001, the company helped pioneer an asset-based approach to investing in power, renewables, infrastructure and the broader energy value chain. Since then, ArcLight has invested approximately $26 billion in 116 transactions, including more than $10 billion in equity in the electrification segment, which includes power, transmission, renewable infrastructure and power generation investments. energetic transition.

“Eastern Generation is ready to help Governor Hochul and New York achieve its ambitious goal of at least 6,000 megawatts of storage by 2030,” said Dan Rivers, Managing Partner of ArcLight.

Eastern Generation is expected to submit Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity applications for additional storage projects at its Gowanus and Narrows stations, which will provide a combined 350 megawatts when fully operational. All three battery projects are located within existing power generation facilities, which are industrially zoned away from residential communities and have established connections to the power grid.

“The Luyster Creek projects can be fully operational as early as 2025 if market conditions allow and the state makes appropriate economic incentive investments,” said Eastern Generation CEO Mark Sudbey.