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Stihl announces new battery-powered equipment

By on October 27, 2021 0


Stihl has introduced new battery powered equipment to its line to meet the growing demand for these products.

These new products include the STIHL FCA 135 Curved Shaft Edger and the FCA 140 Straight Shaft Edger, which are designed for extended use in noise sensitive environments. With the high blade speed of the FCA 135 and the high torque of the FCA140, these edgers deliver commercial grade power and durability. The FCA 135 offers ideal maneuverability for flower beds or well-manicured edges while the FCA 140 is designed for uncut edges or compacted soils. These string trimmers feature durable construction with weather resistant designs.

“Whether you choose the FCA 135 curved shaft or the FCA 140 straight shaft, these edgers are sure to be a welcome addition to your professional fleet of Stihl products,” said Mike Poluka, Stihl, Inc. Product Manager. Equipped with a built-in battery slot and a range of product features, you’ll have everything you need to cut through compacted soil or simply maintain existing flower beds. “

The range also includes battery powered trimmers.

Part of the new Stihl 135 professional battery platform, the FSA 135 and FSA 135 R battery string trimmers feature an on-board battery slot that can support both an on-board battery or a backpack battery for even longer operating times.

Combined with a brushless motor and the same drive and cutting components used in proven Stihl professional gas trimmers, these units deliver professional cutting performance comparable to Stihl gas units with zero exhaust emissions. and low noise. These trimmers are versatile for different cutting applications including trimming, trimming and weeding.

Steel Green Unveils New Spreader / Sprayer Options

Steel Green Manufacturing unveiled new options for 2022 models at GIE + EXPO last week.

Steel Green introduced their 2022 Spreader / Sprayer which comes standard with a newly redesigned pedal parking brake. The wheel motors have integrated drum brakes on both sides which can now be activated with the operator’s foot rather than by hand.

For added safety on the hillside, Steel Green has introduced a new attachment that locks the front casters. Steel Green announced that its hillside stability system is patent pending and now available as an option for newer machines or can be installed on older Steel Green spreaders / sprayers.

Other new customization options included a pressure control system and a 12 ‘boom. Pressure control system maintains spray pressure when switching nozzles on and off. The new boom option offers an adjustable spray width of up to 12 ‘and is available on the SG52 and SG46 models.

The company also showcased the SG accessory kit designed to turn the Steel Green spreader / sprayer into a versatile machine. The kit includes the hydraulic system, toggle valve, hoses, brackets and fittings and is compatible with the SG snow plow as well as two accessories that will be available soon: a rake and an aerator.

Hitachi introduces ZW100-6 wheel loader

Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc. (HCMA) continues to expand its ZW-6 wheel loaders in North America with the upgrade of its popular compact model, the ZW100-6.

Developed for use in a wide variety of applications including landscaping; excavation work; and more – the small but powerful ZW100-6 wheel loader boasts a curb weight of 17,042 lbs (7,730 kg), a bucket capacity of 1.4 yd³ (1.1 m³) and a Tier engine 101 hp (74 kW) 4F. This new ZW-6 model also features a spacious cab with 360 degree visibility, suspension control and on-board technology that improves operator comfort and increases productivity with fast and efficient cycle times.

The advanced technology developed by Hitachi is at the heart of the ZW-6 wheel loader family, which now includes the ZW100-6 in North America, impacting everything from the environmental performance of the wheel loader to comfort and the safety of its operator through its cost of ownership.

For example, every ZW-6 wheel loader comes equipped with a diesel aftertreatment system that eliminates the hassle and costs associated with diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems, along with on-board technology and a telematics system. advanced to help entrepreneurs better manage their fleet and operations. expenses. This technology-driven approach allows Hitachi to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry while enhancing the customer experience with this new generation of wheel loaders.