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Tad Moore and his hickory golf clubs

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SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) – Tad Moore has been in golf since he could walk.

“My whole family has been golfing,” said Moore, owner of Tad Moore Golf.

While he enjoyed acting, Moore also became interested in another part of the game.

“I started looking at the guy who took care of the clubs on the golf course. It was kind of interesting and I wanted to see if I could do it. That’s what led me to making golf clubs said Moore.

He got into the world of golf in the late 80s. After decades in the business, his friend gave him a challenge he couldn’t pass up.

“My friend said to me one night in St. Andrews, you make all these clubs for tour players, so you can definitely make a club out of wood,” Moore said.

That’s how it started.

“We get our hickory in Tennessee, so the hardware weighs more than a modern steel or graphite shaft. The clubs are a bit heavier but have great response and feel,” added Moore.

Making a hickory shaft club is different.

“I can build a modern golf club like wood or a putter in 10 minutes. It takes three days,” Moore said.

It’s quite a process.

“We start with a perfectly round 7/8 inch diameter dowel. When it comes out, it has a cone. This is how you get the flex. Then you put it in an old pencil sharpener and we twist it to fit the head,” Moore said.

Tad Moore has a growing international business. He makes hickory golf clubs and sells them around the world.(WSFA)

After that it is stained and all finishing details are done by hand. Then these clubs could end up anywhere.

“We also sell in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Canada, just about everywhere people play golf, they are now starting to experience hickory golf. “

Tad Moore Golf does almost all of its business online, but you can visit the store in Selma. Moore hopes to have an inside strike zone and putting green in the near future.

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