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The bedroom has a ribbon cut for CubeNow self-storage – InkFreeNews.com

By on August 19, 2022 0

The Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce inaugurated CubeNow Self-Storage on Thursday August 18th. Located on the former site of Ace Hardware, 1701 E. Center St., Warsaw, the facility offers storage spaces of various sizes. in an air-conditioned indoor environment. InkFreeNews photos by Leah Sander.

By Lea Sander

WARSAW — Dean Avey believes there is a huge need for additional storage space in Warsaw.

That’s why the company he works with, the Swyft Group, developed CubeNow Self-Storage. On Thursday, August 18, the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce held the grand opening of CubeNow, located at the former site of Ace Hardware, 1701 E. Center St., Warsaw.

Avey said he believes the need for storage space is tied to the need for housing.

“A lot of people don’t realize that self-storage is really intertwined with housing,” he said. “You look at how hard it is to find a house, how expensive it is to build a house. So I think the price per square foot right now is around $150 when you’re building a house. So that means if someone wants a 10 out of 10 room to store a kayak or bikes, they spend around $15,000 just to build that space.

“So it’s super expensive just to have room to store things,” he continued. “And it’s hard. If people come here and they are just one family or one person and they rent an apartment, they need a place to store their stuff. And so we saw a huge need for that. ”

“There is self-storage outside of town, but it’s all outside warehouses,” Avey added. “There is very little self-storage (facilities), let alone in a very convenient location like downtown.”

CubeNow’s build was completed “about two months ago,” and the company had a testing period with some users, followed by a soft open, Avey said.

There are at least 25 units of the more than 200 available that have been claimed, he said. People can rent any of the remaining spaces by visiting www.cubenow.com. They can also call 574-893-6391 if they have questions.

Spaces range from 5ft by 5ft to 10ft by 10ft and rent runs on a monthly basis. As it is self-storage, people can stop in from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week, at the indoor, air-conditioned facility to move items inside or outside. outside. They use their phone to access CubeNow and access their own storage units.

In terms of security, Avey said the facility has about 25 security cameras.

“As soon as you walk in, all the lights come on. You cannot enter through the front door unless you are a paying customer here,” he said.

“We’re hoping someone will come in and be like, ‘Hey, this looks more like a convenience store…or some nice place than just self-storage. I think when they see this and see how convenient it is, it will be a very useful tool for our community,” Avey said of what he hopes customers will get out of using CubeNow. .

A look at one of the rows of storage spaces inside CubeNow.

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