December 8, 2022
  • December 8, 2022

The best new free music creation software: March 2022

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Free plugins abound on the internet these days, but music creators are very busy people. Many of you don’t have time to keep a close eye on the headlines for every free compressor and free granular synth that has been thrown onto the ever-growing pile of free music software available to the financially savvy producer.

Good news: that’s what we’re here for. As well as highlighting the good stuff in our daily news coverage, we end each month with a neatly curated roundup of all the free music creation software that’s been released in the last 30 days, ensuring you to stay up to date with the most essential freebies from the world of music production.

In March we have veritable goldmines of Audio Damage and Toneboosters, AI-powered sample management tools from Waves, another must-have offering from Spitifire LABS, and an excellent Tube Screamer emulation from Ibanez. . Dig.

Legacy Audio Damage Plugins


(Image credit: Audio Damage)

Platforms: Mac/PC | Formats: VST/AU | To download

Audio Damage surprised music creators this month by making not just one or two, but 33 of its products available for free download. Tired of providing ongoing support for old software that may not work on newer systems, the manufacturer decided to put the whole lot online for free. The result is that you now have free access to 33 previously paid plugins, although there may be a bit of trial and error to find which ones will work on your system.

There are real zingers to choose from, including Phosphor and Basic synths, Mangleverb reverb, Bitcom bitcrusher, Filterstation filter, PanStation auto panner, Discord 3 pitchshifter, Automaton buffer effect, distortion Kombinat multiband and Axon’s “neural network” drum machine.

Toneboosters Legacy Plugins

Free Tone Booster Plugins

(Image credit: Toneboosters)

Platforms: Mac/PC | Formats: VST/AU | To download

Audio Damage seems to have started a trend: following their announcement, Toneboosters have also decided to make 23 of their “retired” plugins available for free to producers. These legacy effects will come without any support or warranty, but that’s no reason not to try them. They are from the TrackEssentials and BusTools series of Toneboosters and cover everything from dynamics processors to EQs, tape simulations, de-essers, reverbs and pitch-shifters.

Cosmos Waves

Platforms: Mac/PC | Formats: Standalone | To download

Waves made waves in the music production world this month with the announcement of a free sample management tool, Cosmos, which comes with 2,500 free, royalty-free one-shots and loops.

Cosmos is designed to bring order to your sample collection, putting all the loops and one-shots on your hard drive in one easy-to-find place. Waves says its Neural Networks technology can analyze, automatically tag and sort your samples, leaving you with a single unified database where you can easily find everything you have. The tool works as a standalone application or can be integrated with Waves’ CR8 Creative Sampler plugin.

Spitfire Audio LABS Glass Piano

Platforms: Mac/PC | Format: VST/AU/AAX | To download

We’re big fans of all of Spitfire Audio’s free LABS instruments, but the new Glass Piano plugin – a collaboration with composer Philip Glass – looks particularly appealing. Powered by samples that were captured at Glass in Manhattan, New York, and released to mark his 85th birthday, this gives you the sound of his tiny grand piano, which has been in the same room since the 1990s.

Glass Piano comes with six presets that cover everything from “standard” grand piano sounds to more atmospheric and distorted sounds. The perfectly minimalist interface and control set means beginners and more experienced players alike will be able to get started quickly and easily.

Kia move.ment

Platforms: Mac/PC | Format: VST/AU/AAX | To download

In what is surely the weirdest free plugin news of the month, automaker Kia has announced that it is shifting gears, changing lanes, and taking a sharp left turn in the world of music creation software.

Launched as part of a marketing campaign and created in collaboration with DaHouse Audio, Kia’s free software instrument move.ment is based on the sounds of nature. Its development was guided by science, we are assured: “Motion noises in nature produce what is called pink noise,” says Kia. “It increases alpha waves in the brain, inducing the state of flow consciousness, the state in which the brain is most creative.”

Beyond the flim-flam marketing, move.ment isn’t quite the car crash one might expect. After selecting your natural sound source, you can shape it in the Mixer section, which includes individual controls for the Sampler, VCO, Noise and Reverb effect. There is also a filter, an ADSR envelope and an Output section.

GuitarML TS-M1N3

Platforms: Mac/PC | Format: VST/AU/AAX | To download

This one’s for the guitarists among you – in a delicious blend of cutting-edge technology and classic gear, GuitarML has used machine learning techniques to recreate the sound of the legendary Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive pedal in a plugin. free. Using sophisticated neural networks, the developer has created a faithful emulation of the Screamer that should reproduce the full spectrum of sonic possibilities presented by all combinations of the Tone, Drive and Level knobs.

(Image credit:

Platforms: Mac/PC | Formats: Browser-based | Player

Although not technically music “software”, is a free music creation tool that is so powerful that we couldn’t bear to exclude it from this list. Released in December last year, the browser-based groovebox received an update this month, the most exciting addition being an open source library of free-licensed drum samples that includes, among other , 808, 909 and home drum kits from Bedroom Producers Blog.

Inspired by Elektron’s hardware grooveboxes, offers quite advanced possibilities for sample-based sound generation and sequencing. You have eight tracks to work with and lots of flexibility. For example, each track has its own multimode filter, distortion, frequency shifter, sample rate reducer and amp envelope. Almost all parameters can be modulated step by step and there are three freely assignable modulation sources per track.

Each step can have its own micro-timing, retrigger, probability, and trigger conditions, while tracks can have individual sequencer lengths and speeds. There are four send effects (chorus, phaser, reverb, delay) and a main compressor and a soft clipper. Collaboration is also possible through the ability to export and share models in their proprietary file format. You can also render patterns to WAV files so you can continue working on them in your DAW.