December 8, 2022
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There’s only one mineshaft left

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The ghost town of Osceola in Houghton County was/is an unincorporated community that was conglomerated with a bunch of other copper towns in the Keweenaw Peninsula. This should not be confused with Osceola County which is just west of Clare, or Osceola Township in Livingston County. No – it’s very high in the UP

You’ll find the location about a mile south of Calumet between Store Street and Millionaire Street. The land where the old mine was located is now an empty area of ​​land.

According Michigan place names and Visit Keweenaw, Edward Hurlbut discovered the copper mine in 1875 and created the Osceola Consolidated Mining Company. By 1877, the population had grown to 1,400. The company established a village around the mine and named the town “Osceola”. A post office named Opechee opened in 1882 and for a time that was what the village was called.

In 1905, the number of inhabitants was 1,900 and, in addition to the post office and the mining company, the town had a boarding house, a church, a dentist, a doctor, a general store, a meat market, a press agency , a printer and a school. Different references have different dates as to when the town’s name was changed permanently to Osceola: 1909 or 1910 or sometimes in the 1910s.

Even with the addition of another mining facility in 1917 – the La Salle Copper Company – and other nearby companies, the population declined. In the 2000s, a mine shaft or two are the only things left standing that show that there was once a village by the name of Osceola.

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