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These are the most popular compact SUVs people buy used

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Whether it’s after a hectic day in traffic or an unexpected happy trip with your friends, the extra space is something all car enthusiasts thrive on. Undoubtedly, compact SUVs outperform typical hatchbacks and hatchbacks in terms of space, comfort and fuel efficiency, thus justifying their craze in our modern world.

If properly maintained, the most reliable compact SUVs stand the test of time. That said, what would be the selection criteria for buying a used compact SUV?

Classifying used SUVs is tricky. Each may not have commonalities, but certainly has its own characteristics. Above all, affordability is a key priority. With all of this in mind, iSeeCars study sheds light on the most popular used compact SUVs in 2021. The site recorded and operated over 9.8 million used car sales in the half-decade and around 7.6 million new car sales in 2021 alone. of each model are specific to each country.

Chevrolet Equinox 2021 (2)

To date, the Nissan Rogue has topped the reusable compact SUV charts, with the Chevy Equinox following closely behind. With just a 0.2% difference in sales, Ford’s breakout is third, and the table ends with Toyota’s RAV4. If looks were the only judging criterion, the Equinox would single-handedly outclass every one of those cars featured above. Unfortunately, everyone’s priorities are not the same. Here’s a look at how these compact SUVs compare physically.

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2021 Chevrolet Equinox

The Rogue is very well known for being spacious and very comfortable with its memory foam cushioning. Plus, its light steering effort and mpg numbers are something to brag about. A sluggish, continuously variable automatic sends power to the engine, which is one of the reasons for its sluggishness on acceleration.

Meanwhile, the new Equinox models are powered by a 170 hp engine and have an average mileage of 22 mpg. The power transmission is fully automatic, with the option of a six or nine speeds. The extra goodies provide rock-solid security for the vehicle, which is a bonus considering its size.

The Ford Escape is well known for its quiet interior and top notch comfort. In later models, the engine shifts with an eight-speed automatic transmission and delivers 181 horsepower.

Toyota’s RAV4 goes beyond Equinox safety with better implementation of standard safety protocols. Even the performances are not lacking anywhere. The new models feature a 203 horsepower engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a healthy 22 mpg. Toyota also offers a hybrid variant of the RAV4 with a shocking 40 mpg mileage.

Prices of the most used compact SUVs


Last and most important is their price. A second generation Nissan Rogue as the 2015 model goes for about $24,000 according to Kelley Blue Book. Meanwhile, Chevy’s Equinox sold out for as little as $5,000. Likewise, the previous generation Ford Escapes can sell for less than $5,000and one The Toyota RAV4 would be a little more expensive but would land below $7,000.

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While the newer generations (from 2018) would cost more than a grand more, their features definitely justify the price.

Frankly, the best-used compact SUV is a close link between the Chevrolet Equinox and the Ford Escape because quietness, comfort and safety are the features that every driver appreciates the most.

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