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Top 10 Non-Marvel Movies You Should Watch If Black Panther Is Your Favorite Superhero

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In just a few months, fans should officially say goodbye to Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa. Black Panther: Wakanda perpetually. As painful as it may be to come back to this realization, understanding that the coat will quickly cross could be a consolation. In the film’s recently released trailer, a brief clip teased a new Black Panther, and fans are trying to guess who may be under the masks.

Whoever gets half, there will only be one Chadwick Boseman for T’Challa, death will not be the tip. For those who prefer Black Panther over all their other favorite superheroes, the prolonged dryness of recent Black Panther content may seem endless, but thankfully there are few non-Marvel films that evoke and capture the same spirit as the King of Wakandan. . .

religious (2015)

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Before Ryan Coogler directed the culture-defining film, Black Panther, he directed two different feature films, each starring Michael B. Jordan. Coogler finds a way to get strong performances from Jordan and the past. Perception, was not completely different.

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Jordan was coined as Adonis Creed, the son of heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, who had appeared as an enemy in previous films. Cliff movies. Like T’Challa, Adonis spends the film searching for a way to make the most of his skills to carry on his father’s legacy, but in a particular way. The frequent theme of forging your own path while honoring family heritage is Perception glorious sequel to watch Black Panther.

Hancock (2008)

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Fanatics of comedians who are fans of morally gray supers like the others males they probably already know well Hancock. Will Smith directed the 2008 film as the sarcastic, reckless, and misguided superhuman Hancock, one of the few superheroes originally written for film and never adapted from a comic book.

Looking at them head-to-head, Hancock and Black Panther couldn’t be more different, which somehow makes their movies a great pairing. Their contrasting personalities, morals, and normal superhero observation give a mirrored perspective of a superhero. Like probably the greatest independent superhero films, Hancock was ahead of its time and now it can resist Black Panther as recreation is worth.

Tree (2000)

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The eternal Samuel L. Jackson has a history of appreciating “good guys” who don’t always use the mainstream means when seeking justice. as John Shaft II Tree (2000) It definitely has a place on this checklist.

after having watched Black Panther, Subscribers may want to see additional characters doing the “wrong” factor for the right reasons, which is strictly what is acknowledged. Tree. Because it seems that the family legacy also has recurring themes. Black Panther, in the sequel to the film. Jackson appeared Tree (2019) However, as usual, to fully recognize his character’s reboot, you first need to know the original portrayal.