December 2, 2022
  • December 2, 2022

Trina says launch of Vertex 670W solar module is imminent for Australia

By on October 26, 2021 0


Trina Solar’s 670W Vertex series PV module could be cleared for use in the Australian market within weeks, the China-based company said, overtaking the country’s large-scale solar panel offerings in terms of power and efficiency.

Trina, which also markets its Vertex 500W, 550W and 600W modules to Australian customers in the commercial, industrial and utility segments, said on Monday that the 670W module was in the process of being approved by the Clean Energy Council.

“We are in the process of bidding and aim to be listed in November,” said Todd Li, Trina Solar president for the Asia-Pacific region.

“This will be a very important development because it will be the most powerful and efficient module available in Australia.

“We are already receiving many inquiries in Australia for the Vertex 670W module which is a true ‘game changer’ for the utility segment. “

Li said large-scale customers, in particular, wanted the lowest discounted cost of energy (LCOE) and system cost balance (BOS) they could get, and therefore opted for low-cost modules. higher power and higher efficiency.

For Australian project developers, it would be more important than ever to get their solar money’s worth as PV module prices are pushed up by rising shipping costs, scarcity of raw materials and the crisis. energy in China.

Trina’s Vertex series achieves superior power and efficiency by incorporating 210mm diameter solar cells, multiple busbars to increase light absorption, and high density interconnect technology to reduce the gap between each cell. The Vertex series also offers a choice between monofacial and bifacial modules.

In July, Trina revealed that she had achieved an all-time high of solar module efficiency, reaching a record 23.03% with the Vertex series of modules. The record was independently confirmed by TÃœV Rheinland and TÃœV Nord.

“We have a wide range of Vertex modules available in Australia, starting with the 400W Vertex S which is proving popular with residential customers,” Li said.

“The Vertex S has the right balance of power, efficiency, size, weight and mechanical load for residential roofs in Australia. “