December 8, 2022
  • December 8, 2022

Urgent need to diversify energy sources, ramp up infra: The Tribune India

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Rationalize tariffs, ensure the maintenance of power plants, promote the use of energy-efficient devices: Inhabitants

Focus on real-time supply monitoring

The local government should have made other arrangements to provide uninterrupted electricity to consumers. In the long term, loss-making electricity distribution services should be relaunched under the UDAY program (Ujjwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana). In order to achieve 24/7 power for all, we need to focus on real-time monitoring of the supply at the end-user level, as this will help keep track of the reality on the ground of the electricity supply. Improving maintenance services, estimating adequate demand and respective electricity supply will also go a long way in reducing load shedding. Finally, a significant improvement in customer service, which includes billing, metering and collection, is also crucial to maintain financial stability.

Akash Kumar


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Harnessing solar energy to meet electricity demand

Peak power demand in Punjab reached 15,500 MW this year, but the state was only able to supply around 13,000 MW. Electricity theft is rampant, even more so in rural areas. People have to use inverters and generators to deal with the power shortage. Farmers and industry are also suffering for the same reason. In some places, even the transformers in the electrical panel were stolen. Although the cost of electricity is the highest in Punjab, people still do not receive electricity. A better solution would be to harness solar energy by investing in solar panels to relieve the public of blackouts.

Dr JS Wadhwa

Popularize LED lights to save electricity

Electricity is the basic need of any economy. India is moving towards digitalization and for this power is the basic need. The shortage of demand and supply has created an electricity shortage in Punjab, paving the way for blackouts. The government must develop a plan on how to increase electricity production through micro-hydro projects. We must educate the masses to save electricity. Using five-star rated LED lights and electrical appliances can significantly reduce power consumption. Likewise, more transformers should be installed with regular annual maintenance to fill the power shortage gap.

Rajat kumar mohindru

Encourage electricity savings

Electricity must be used wisely by every consumer so that all consumers can get the electricity they need. Turning lights off when not in use, the use of natural light and air should be encouraged. Every family should start taking steps to conserve electricity in order to contribute to consumers for a better future. In addition, the leadership of the board of directors of Bhakra should be asked to increase the production of electricity so that an uninterrupted power supply can be provided to all consumers.

Rimplepreet Kaur

Establish the powercom regulatory authority

In the middle of the delayed monsoon, the power crisis worsened further in Punjab. The demand affected 15,000 MW against an availability of 12,800 MW. The acute gap between supply and demand has forced the authorities to impose long power cuts on domestic consumers. Despite the mandatory two-day shutdown in the industrial sector, the state is struggling to maintain the promised eight-hour supply to farmers. The industrial sector, already in distress because of the Covid, is also suffering the full brunt of the electricity shortage. While it is not uncommon for electricity consumption to increase during the intense summer heatwave, authorities cannot dispense with their duty to ensure a continuous power supply. A powercom regulatory authority should be set up to take appropriate measures to meet the state’s energy needs. Emphasis should be placed on the exploitation of alternative energy sources instead of thermal energy. At the same time, tariffs must be moderate according to the consumer’s pocket and theft of electricity must be tightly controlled. Conserving energy through improved infrastructure, avoiding reckless use and minimizing transmission loss / wastage by upgrading technology is urgently required.

Nirmaljit Singh Chatrath

Increase production to meet demand

Amid the intense heat wave, the Punjab faces a severe power shortage these days. The huge gap between demand and supply of electricity has sparked public protests statewide. The main factors causing the problem are the increase in demand, the delay of the monsoon, the reduction in the production of electricity from the hydroelectric plants, the closure of the thermal plants managed by the government, the electricity. free and subsidized to the agricultural and industrial sectors, illegal connections and over-reliance on private power plants through flawed Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). It is the duty of state authorities to provide electricity to residents at affordable rates. Besides verifying the theft of electricity, increasing production, revising controversial PPAs and purchasing power of the national grid, the government should adopt innovative measures such as harnessing solar renewable energy, biomass and wind power, which is cheaper, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

DS Kang

Repair old thermal power plants in good condition

It is unfortunate that the Punjab is suffering from an acute energy crisis during this sweltering summer season. The unprecedented increase in demand for electricity and its erratic supply not only impacted the agricultural and industrial sectors but also made the lives of ordinary citizens miserable. Rather than shutting down public thermal power plants due to technical problems, they should have been repaired in time or alternative arrangements should have been made for the loss of production. Under flawed electricity deals, the government continues to pay a whopping Rs 20,000 crore to private power producers. Along with severe measures on consumption, it buys electricity at exorbitant prices, causing huge losses to the public treasury. The government should review its policies on free or subsidized electricity, find legal recourse to counter electricity contracts and generate electricity from alternative sources to overcome the still looming energy crisis.

Tajpreet S Kang

Solve the problem of electricity theft

The Punjab suffers from an unprecedented power shortage amid the heat wave. The solution to the problem is to hand over the production and distribution of electricity to private companies. It is a fact that where electricity is managed by a private company, the power supply is provided 24 hours a day. Electricity theft is also one of the main reasons for an inadequate power supply. Bad and old wires are never replaced and the result is that the electricity went off and it takes hours to repair and re-establish the connection. The government always lacks planning ahead and we are taken for granted that we are in pain.


Privatize all electrical operations

Successive governments have not resolved the issue of power cuts. The only remedy is to privatize all the processes related to electricity so as not to get rid of its political exploitation. It will solve subsidy issues, promises of free electricity, and issues such as electricity theft and distribution losses. Electricity will become like other economic activities to be regulated on the basis of supply and demand with healthy competition between the players. It will certainly make electricity available in all seasons and at all times with affordable rates like any other product on the market.


Raise awareness of energy saving

Due to the power cuts in Punjab, people had to take to the streets to protest. To deal with the electricity crisis, the government needs to increase electricity transmission capacity so that there is no difficulty in importing electricity from other states. The public should be educated on saving electricity and water through television, radio, newspapers and social media. Farmers should be encouraged to plant crops other than rice because it uses more water. Therefore, the electricity consumption is higher. By revoking the agreements of the Punjab’s private thermal power plants in Vidhan Sabha, the money saved can be used to buy electricity and solve the electricity crisis. The government should appoint a regular CMD of the PSPCL so that he can easily find a solution to the problem like the electricity crisis.

Sucha Sagar

Install smart meters in every home

The world is moving towards renewable energy sources, Tesla being a prime example that revolutionized the auto industry. We should also be moving from thermal power plants to sources such as solar, wind and hydropower. Thermal power plants (TPP) produce water and air pollution. Numerous reports indicate that electricity theft is widespread in Punjab, especially in rural areas. Smart meters should be installed as soon as possible in every household. Recently, we have seen how many units of the TPP have malfunctioned, causing great distress to the population.

Jatinderpal Singh Bath