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Weir Minerals’ new Trio® TC84XR rotating shaft cone crusher improves safety, functionality and reliability

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Weir Minerals has improved its line of Trio® TC rotary shaft cone crushers. The Trio® TC84XR features all of the rugged design elements that have made dynamic shaft crushers a staple of the mining, sand and aggregate industries for generations, while incorporating the latest technology to ensure it stays integrated to treatment regimens long into the future.The moving shaft design of Trio TC cone crushers has proven itself in heavy duty secondary and tertiary crushing applications. We wanted to build on this solid foundation. My team went through a full design process – we looked and tested every inch of this crusher. While the The TC84XR may look familiar from the outside, we have improved its design and control features. The motor is bigger and it has a much higher crushing capacity compared to crushers of equivalent size, ‘ Mark Utecht, director of fragmentation engineering at Weir Minerals, said.

“The result: We now have an incredibly robust, powerful and technologically advanced crusher that is easy to operate, has a low wear rate and uses less energy, ultimately reducing operating costs.” he said.

While many OEMs have made the decision to stop their rotating shaft cone crushers, Weir Minerals has resisted this trend, believing that because every mining, sand and aggregate operation is different, it cannot have a single approach. .

Instead, Weir Minerals partners with its customers and allows them to choose the machine that best suits their crushing needs.

There are certain applications and situations where pedestal (fixed shaft) crushers may be the most suitable solution, which is why Weir Minerals continues to manufacture the high-end Trio® TP pedestal style machine.

Weir Minerals is the only equipment manufacturer in the world to offer both TC direct shaft and TP fixed shaft machines.

“The combination of Trio TP and TC fixed cone and moving shaft crushers ensures that Weir Minerals continues to offer our customers the right technology, regardless of their site structure, operating conditions or application. ” Mark Utecht, director of fragmentation engineering at Weir Minerals, said.

Trio® Moving Shaft and Fixed Shaft Cone Crushers are designed for modern mining and quarrying with advanced hydraulics, wear resistant materials and the latest technology.

“It’s really exciting for our customers because now they have a real choice. The combination of our TC and TP series allows us to have an honest conversation with our customers about the options available to them and to make a technology recommendation that truly meets their needs, ‘ said Ekkhart Matthies, director of global applications for Weir Minerals.

On-site replacement of existing dynamic shaft machines with the Trio® TC84XR crusher is now a straightforward process as it has very similar dimensions and comparable weight to its dynamic shaft predecessors. And because it makes the same product, no downstream modification is required, which is not the case when replacing a dynamic shaft machine with a fixed shaft machine.

In other words, there is no need to redesign existing circuits.

Technology upgrades

Recent technological upgrades to the Trio® TC84XR crusher have improved its safety, functionality and reliability.

“At Weir Minerals, we understand and appreciate the important role rotating shaft cone crushers play in today’s tough crushing applications. Combining decades of experience and first-hand customer feedback with innovative designs, the highest quality materials, and the latest control technologies, we believe our new Trio TC84XR cone crusher is the leading living tree cone. most reliable and robust on the market today. said Ekkhart Matthies, Global Applications Director at Weir Minerals.

Designed to perform in the most extreme applications, the Trio® TC84XR crusher is tough and easy to maintain and operate. It reliably provides high crushing force and high power in primary, crushed ore and quarry rock applications.

The TC84XR’s ability to handle variable feed and crush rocks is also in part a result of its large engine; It was designed with a higher power capacity than comparable cone crushers. Ultimately, this results in a higher potential crushing force and therefore increased production.

Another feature that allows it to handle variable feed, as well as handle tramp equipment safely, is the fully automated tramp release and retrieval system. The hydraulic tramp release system can also be used to safely clean the crushing chamber if a sudden interruption in power to the plant causes the cone crusher to stop.

The bushing assembly has been redesigned to improve sealing, which has optimized functionality and workmanship by reducing the machining configurations of the bushing and sealing rings. Weir Minerals’ grinding team also redesigned the countershaft assembly to eliminate welding and machining, while simultaneously improving ventilation and the dust seal.

The Trio® TC84XR crusher, like the TP series cone crusher range, can be fitted with ESCO® wear parts, designed with superior ESCO® alloys, they can be custom designed according to your specific needs. With over 100 years of expertise in foundry and in-house engineering and metallurgy, ESCO transforms what was already a rugged machine into a machine that, under the harshest conditions, is unmatched.