May 13, 2022
  • May 13, 2022

Work to clear Shopain’s roads, restore power lines – Kashmir Reader

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Shopian: After 4.5 feet of heavy snowfall in the upper belts of Shopian District, authorities are struggling to restore road and power connectivity to many areas in the district.
The authorities claim that about 90 percent of priority roads and 80 percent of priority roads have been cleared of snow by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. They did, however, admit that only 50 percent of the roads were cleared in the Sedow area where a heavy snow machine was sent, which officials say takes a long time to reach.
Meanwhile, main roads in the Keller and Hirpora Belts have been cleared of snow, but many priority roads still need to be completed, officials said.
Mir Irfan, assistant executive engineer in Shopian’s mechanical engineering department, told Kashmir Reader that there was 4.5 feet of snow in Hirpora after it was cleared on the first day itself. He said the Sedow area is 50 percent deep, but it will take until Monday afternoon to complete snow clearing in the area.
Mir said that in the areas under the Shopian Tehsil headquarters, snow from almost all priority and secondary roads has been cleared by the department.
For the employees of the energy development department, it was another difficult day to restore services amid heavy snowfall.
Many employees of the department were seen holding axes and knives to clear fallen branches and trees from power lines.
Services were restored to Imamsahib, Trenz, Turkwangam, Wathoo, Shirmal, Keegam, Harmain and most of the lower areas, but the upper areas were still without power on the third day in a row.
Likewise, drinking water services have also been restored in most areas, with the exception of those where the supply lines were broken.
In the town of Shopian, men and machines were deployed for the third day in a row by both the city committee and the roads and buildings department and the mechanical engineering department to clear snow from the roads and streets.
Due to the narrow condition of the city’s roads, all the snow falling from the roofs of houses and structures near the roads has accumulated on the roads, making the task of snow clearing all the more difficult. Authorities must use trucks to transport snow from one place to another.

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