October 1, 2022
  • October 1, 2022

Hardware stuff

Could the Metaverse and Web3 save sustainability?

by on September 29, 2022 0

Metaverse Cityscapes Getty Just days before last week’s Climate Week extravaganza in New York, a $195 billion industry announced a 99.95% reduction in absolute energy consumption. Yet in the hundreds of events claiming exactly that kind of giant cut, very few executives have mentioned the achievement. Why? If it was Ikea or Unilever who...

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The Nokesville “Tank Farm” tells the story of American warfare through a collection of armored vehicles

by on September 22, 2022 0

One of America’s most extensive collections of disused tanks and other military vehicles began in 1982 when a Washington lobbyist turned history buff bought an army jeep. Once you start collecting mobile military artifacts, Allan Cors said, it’s hard to stop. Three years after buying the first jeep, Mr. Cors, a former top lobbyist...

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Hope HB.916 first ride review: The perfect bike?

by on September 21, 2022 0

Hubba hubba Hope. The Hope HB.916 is one of the nicest looking bikes we have seen in quite some time. But does the 160/170mm enduro bike live up to its aesthetic promise? Mark: Hope Product: HB.916 Price: Complete bikes from £6995.00, frames inc. shock, headset and BB from £3,595, full drivetrain minus from £3,595...

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Employee apparently tricked into sharing credentials

by on September 18, 2022 0

Ride-sharing service Uber said on Friday that all of its services were up and running following what security professionals call a major data breach, saying there was no evidence the hacker gained access to the data user sensitivities. But the breach, apparently by a lone hacker, shed light on an increasingly effective break-in routine...

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Isonzo Review (PS5) – WWI Game Series Lands On PS5 With Its Best, Most Authentic Entry Yet

by on September 13, 2022 0

Isonzo PS5 review. With WW1 first-person tactical shooters Verdun and Tannenberg under their collective belt, it turns out the only way developers M2H and BlackMill Games could take their next entry into the WW1 game series was straight up. and that’s exactly what they’ve done with the franchise’s latest offering, Isonzo. Encompassing the twelve...

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Infrastructure modernization, the native digital path

by on September 12, 2022 0

Achieving business agility and innovation has never been more important with intensifying competition and an increasingly uncertain economic climate. The urgency is even greater today, as a new breed of digital-native companies have sprung up in virtually every industry, seeking to displace or outsmart incumbents or less digitally savvy businesses. . “Unless companies evolve...

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RPGs coming this week, 05/09/2022

by on September 5, 2022 0

Well, it’s September and that means one thing: the Nintendo Direct rumors are back! Oh, and we also have the Tokyo Game Show to look forward to, so I’m sure there will be plenty of exciting news in the weeks to come! I thought it would be fun to use this week’s intro to...

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GP2040: a configurable gamepad firmware

by on September 4, 2022 0

and other GitHub contributors present for your viewing pleasure GP2040: an open-source gamepad firmware for RP2040-based hardware. The dual-core RP2040 is a good rig to use for gaming inputs, as there’s plenty of CPU power to achieve sub-1ms USB polling time, whatever other tasks the controller may be doing. perform. Currently, the firmware...

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9 Best Luggage Brands For Everyone 2022

by on August 30, 2022 0

rd.com, via merchant (3) Which brand is best for luggage? Whether you’re a frequent or occasional traveler, finding a piece of luggage that meets your individual needs and gets you through the TSA quickly is essential. The best luggage brands offer something for every budget and every traveler, but to find your perfect luggage,...

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YouTube Argos ASIC chip for video transcoding

by on August 25, 2022 0

Hello and welcome to Protocol Enterprise! Today: why YouTube decided to invest millions in a custom video chip, Salesforce meets earnings expectations but cuts forecasts and Twitter security whistleblower report fallout continues. See the future with Argos Even though some chip industry insiders insist that a version of Moore’s Law is alive and well,...

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Valuing art | Again | thenews.com.pk

by on August 20, 2022 0

It is quite strange that art showrooms on a commercial basis are not called showrooms but galleries, while places selling vehicles, building materials and furniture are generally called showrooms and not stores. Typically, stores display and sell books, toys, clothing, accessories, medicines, weapons, electronics, hardware, convenience products, hosiery, cereals, fruits, vegetables and groceries. The...

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The bedroom has a ribbon cut for CubeNow self-storage – InkFreeNews.com

by on August 19, 2022 0

The Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce inaugurated CubeNow Self-Storage on Thursday August 18th. Located on the former site of Ace Hardware, 1701 E. Center St., Warsaw, the facility offers storage spaces of various sizes. in an air-conditioned indoor environment. InkFreeNews photos by Leah Sander. By Lea SanderInkFreeNews WARSAW — Dean Avey believes there is a...

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How to Fix Blurry Webcam in Windows 11

by on August 10, 2022 0

A blurry webcam on Windows 11 can be irritating and embarrassing, especially if you’ve scheduled important video conference calls. The good news is that fixing it is usually not a tricky business unless there is a hardware issue with the terminal. Here’s how you can try your luck with these fixes for a blurry,...

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This is how families cope with inflation

by on August 7, 2022 0

Research by Te Ara Ahunga Ora, the Pensions Commission, has revealed the various ways households have changed their consumption habits to cope with the rapidly rising cost of living. First, there are the people who cut luxury spending, delay home renovations, and limit leisure spending. But the research also highlights the measures of desperation...

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Welcome to Ziptie City | Hackaday

by on August 5, 2022 0

Gravity, magnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces; sure they hold a lot together. But the other compelling force of nature that demands your utmost respect? Zip links. Or at least it is ’s take the combination of cable ties and 3D printing. (Video, embedded below.) So he designed a demonstration model, Zip Tie...

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Quinta Brunson on drugstore skincare and beauty products

by on August 2, 2022 0

Image source: Courtesy of Olay Along with producing the Emmy-nominated sitcom “Abbott Elementary” and writing the bestselling “She Memes Well,” actress Quinta Brunson can now add “beauty ambassador” to her long list of accomplishments. The star recently announced her partnership with skincare brand Olay, and for her, the collaboration makes sense. “Olay is such...

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How to Give and Receive Candid Feedback

by on July 29, 2022 0

Giving employees feedback on their job performance can be a difficult task for the inexperienced manager. Done correctly, caring and clear criticism can lead to growth and development. Poorly handled critical feedback can be a bad experience that divides a working relationship. “radical franknessis a New York Times bestseller by Kim Scott that helps...

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Remote work question | Mac Rumors Forums

by on July 17, 2022 0

Hey – I’m looking for feedback from those of you working remotely, or even hybrid working (decent split between office and home/elsewhere). Looking back, what did you wish you had known before you got into this working arrangement? What did you learn along the way that improved your remote working life or improved your...

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2023 Genesis GV60 Review: Lively and Majestic

by on July 15, 2022 0

Hyundai Motor Group has managed to clinch gold three times in a row. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 are both brilliant mid-size electric crossovers with unique styling and fun driving dynamics. Surely Korea cannot develop a third car on the same platform that stands out enough to deserve attention, right? Bad. The...

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Dell Technologies Interview: Getting ‘more science per pound’ at Durham University’s COSMA HPC service

by on July 7, 2022 0

In this interview with Dr. Alastair Basden of Durham University in the UK, he discusses the latest activities of the university’s COSMA HPC service as it tests and integrates new high-performance technologies on their way to exascale. Dell Technologies’ HPC and AI Center of Excellence, the organization is committed to generating “more...

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OnePlus 10T: everything we know so far

by on July 1, 2022 0

A mid-life refresh has been a staple for OnePlus smartphones (with a few exceptions) – and now it looks like there’s a new one on the horizon. The OnePlus 10T is expected to make its official debut later in 2022, bridging the gap between the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G and whatever comes after it...

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Week in Review – June 19, 2022

by on June 19, 2022 0

Week in Review is a collection of all the good stuff I’ve written over the past week on the internet, plus a small stack of links I’ve found interesting – usually related to endurance sports. I’ve often wondered what to do with all the cool stuff people write, and even though I share a...

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xQc Forced To End Twitch Stream Early After Getting Doxxed

by on June 14, 2022 0

Felix “xQc” Lengyel abruptly ended his Twitch stream on June 13 after accidentally doxxing himself while “leaking” his IP address, exposing himself to potential risk from tech-savvy viewers with malicious intent. The incident happened after he encountered an “Error 502: Bad Gateway” message while trying to access a casino website, which displayed his IP...

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A breezy yard was the draw for this first owner

by on May 31, 2022 0

president, Thomas Hayes; Side Table, Lostine; Bench, Lawson-Fenning. Meredith Chin only had 20 minutes to tour her Spanish-style home in Venice, Calif., before deciding to make an offer, but that was long enough for the writer-producer-director to imagine her life there. . “There was no chatter in my brain,” Chin recalled. “There was something...

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Connor McDavid takes big leap to excellence with Oilers’ WCF Berth | Launderer’s report

by on May 27, 2022 0

Sportswire/Getty Images Icon Just two weeks ago, when his Edmonton Oilers faced elimination against a lower-ranked and perceived inferior Los Angeles Kings team, stories about Connor McDavid debated exactly how long he had endured a chronic playoff disappointment at the league’s northernmost outpost. Blow it up. Take it out. Let the best player in...

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Preparing Stores for Memorial Day Weekend

by on May 25, 2022 0

DULUTH, Minn. – The Memorial Day holiday weekend is almost here. As the Northlanders gear up for what is considered the unofficial kickoff of summer, stores selling certain items are definitely busy. Ace Hardware from Burggraf in Duluth is stocking up on popular items for the holiday weekend. Supplies like grills, charcoal and propane...

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What makes a “smart” classroom?

by on May 19, 2022 0

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate digitalization in K-12 schools, the market for ‘smart classrooms’ ed-tech tools is estimated to reach over $117 billion in 2022 and nearly $260 billion by 2028, according to a recent report. from absolute ratios. As schools increase their adoption of emerging technological tools for teaching, the question...

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Financing options for Equipment: Important details to keep in mind – Ipass

by on May 13, 2022 0

When properly operating equipment is combined with high-quality water and chemistry, it results in an efficient process built on more than 100 years of innovations in carwashing the mighty Ipass. Today, unlimited wash plans and subscription-based services continue to be promoted and embraced by consumers. More driveway cleaners leave the bucket and hose, sponge,...

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Feel the Metaverse with SenseGlove Nova Haptic Gloves – Virtual Reality Times

by on May 3, 2022 0

Haptic devices are now in spades and while the technology is constantly evolving and refining for a compelling immersive and haptic experience, a number of these innovations have already been produced and are being implemented in entertainment use cases. enterprise and location-based. The challenge of haptic devices goes beyond their ability to render compelling...

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How to choose the best India VPN for your needs?

by on May 2, 2022 0

You might consider buying one of the best VPNs, whether you want to improve your internet security or have the freedom to watch content from streaming catalogs around the world. This security software is great for encrypting personal information and bypassing geo-restrictions imposed by many streaming platforms. If you don’t know what to look...

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Solar profits could fall as panel shipments fall

by on April 26, 2022 0

Text size Fewer solar panels are sold in 2022 for various reasons. Feng Li/Getty Images The solar industry is cooling, but that’s not fully reflected in the prices of some solar stocks. Stocks have fallen sharply from their 2021 highs, but many analysts still expect solar panel sales to grow. These forecasts may need...

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BU battery project competitor for Fed. Funds

by on April 19, 2022 0

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) says he is pushing to try to get Binghamton University through a competition for federal economic development funding. BU’s New Energy New York proposal for the EDA Regional Challenge is on the list of 60 eligible applicants for the competition. Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF NewsPhoto: Bob Joseph/WNBF News Schumer was...

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E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair

by on April 15, 2022 0

Good Relatively affordable Surprisingly comfortable Comes in many different colors and styles The bad The backrest is a bit narrow Seat wobbles slightly even when locked in position If you’re like me and spend way too much time sitting in front of your computer, it’s important to have a nice chair. A good gaming...

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Hackaday Prize Hacking Cat 2022

by on April 11, 2022 0

Join us on Wednesday, April 13 at Noon Pacific for the 2022 Hackaday Prize Hack Chat with Majenta Strongheart! Let’s face it: this world is pretty broken right now. From environmental crisis to disease and famine, to shortages of just about everything, infrastructure failures, not to mention wars and social collapse, things are getting...

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O’Brien Sportsman’s Banquet is Saturday | News

by on March 31, 2022 0

SHELDON—The O’Brien County Sportsman’s Club is gearing up for its biggest fundraiser. The club will hold its annual banquet at 5 p.m. Saturday at the Crossroads Pavilion Event Center in Sheldon. Tickets are still available for the event, which includes a meal, raffle, auction and silent auction. Every dollar raised from Saturday’s event stays...

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MidBoss talks pixel art, inspirations and more

by on March 29, 2022 0

Upon its release in 2015, MidBoss struck gold with its old-school cyberpunk adventure, 2064: Read Only Memories. The game boasted of a solid story, likable characters, and beautiful pixel art that had fans gushing. More than seven years later, a sequel, titled Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, is finally almost here. To shed some more...

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FlexPod XCS brings cloud capabilities to data centers

by on March 23, 2022 0

Cisco Systems and NetApp are bringing the functionality of the FlexPod family of converged infrastructure appliances to the cloud. FlexPod XCS, the latest version of FlexPod that combines NetApp’s OnTap storage operating system and Cisco Intersight’s cloud operations platform, adds new hybrid cloud capabilities to both companies’ CI reference architecture . These additions expand...

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Evolution of Bitcoin Custody Fediment

by on March 12, 2022 0

What do the infamous Mt. Gox exchange, the latest cryptocurrency restrictions agreed to by global regulators, and my departure from the bitcoin exchange space after eight years have in common? The answer is bitcoin custody (how and where you secure your bitcoin) – how it was, how it will be if nothing changes, and...

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SXSW 2022 – SXSW Music Spotlight: Kareem Ali: House music producer throws low-key dance parties and beats kids can brush their teeth at – Music

by on March 10, 2022 0

Kareem Ali is pretty healthy. He’s a Phoenix-based house music producer who believes in enjoying music sober, and he’s been releasing it on his Cosmo Flux label at a blistering pace since 2017, with no signs of slowing down. Although recent years have seen his profile rise as a push into electronic music, Ali...

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